About Us

Who We Are

Sandy, UT Corporate Office

Company Overview

We are people just like you, working to make our financial future, and the financial futures of those who join our team, a little more secure.


In 2008, the founders of Tranont created the idea of a company based on the values of integrity, trust, sustainability and the desire to provide products that help individuals better manage their finances. They began simply with an innovative technology product that was geared toward helping people manage their finances in a single location known as OneView.

In 2010, they began testing a variety of marketing initiatives that would allow them to maintain the core values they set out to achieve. Among them, they tested the direct sales model with a unique compensation plan allowing individuals to achieve financial success for their business building efforts. They discovered that it was the perfect fit.

In 2013, Tranont was registered and in January of 2014, it was officially launched. Since its beginning, Tranont has grown to include more than 30 internal employees and thousands of associates.

Future of Tranont

Tranont is committed to continuing development and innovation. We create, maintain and partner with world-class products and services in the financial services arena. We are always evaluating ways that we can further improve the suite of services offered to assist associates in financial wellness and growing their businesses.


Tranont is proud to be a pending applicant of the Direct Selling Association. To view the Code of Ethics by which we abide, click here.