Protection for the Digital Age

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Defend your financial future.

Protect your identity, your privacy, and your money.

The digital age has opened a pipeline of new threats to your privacy, saftey and financial security. Defending yourself and your family against identity theft and cyber-crime has become an essential part of a secure and successful financial future.


The Tranont Defend suite of protection services gives you maximum protection at special discounted rates. Choose the plans that are right for you.

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Identity Theft Protection

Complete personal and family identity theft monitoring and recovery services for all types of identity fraud – plus extra protection benefits not available in other services.

Don’t let an identity thief ruin your life! Protect your identity, your credit and your money. And protect those you care about most – your family.

Tranont has partnered with INVISUS to provide you the best identity theft coverage available today – iDefend. iDefend gives you all the essentials of protection you need to defend yourself and your family against the latest threats from identity thieves and cyber-criminals.

You get protection against all types of ID theft including Social Security number theft, bank account fraud, tax fraud, medical benefits theft, criminal records fraud, and much more.

No other service gives you this level of protection – period! Get the protection you deserve, and SAVE BIG!

Your iDefend® protection benefits includes:

  • Personal Online Account, Dashboard
  • Complete Identity Theft Monitoring
  • Instant Alerts and Monthly Report
  • Credit & Privacy Protection Resources
  • Lost Wallet Protection & Online Wallet Vault
  • Full Identity Restoration Service
  • ID theft member support hotline

PLUS – these extra protection benefits!

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Full computer security checkup done twice a year via remote connect with a certified U.S. based tech, virus scan/removal, anti-virus and security settings checkup, plus more. (Windows/Mac)

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24/7 monitoring of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts for slander, harassment, bullying, profanity, cyber-stalking, personal info exposure, and other privacy risks.

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Real-time cybersecurity, fraud and scam alerts plus online education resource center with access to sex offender and crime maps.

Choose the iDefend plan that’s right for you:

iDefend® Essentials

All the essential ID theft protection benefits.

Individual Plan

$9.95 /mo.

(Reg. $14.95)

Family Plan*

$19.95 /mo.

(Reg. $14.95)

iDefend® Elite

All the essential ID theft protection benefits – plus credit monitoring.

Individual Plan

$16.95 /mo.

(Reg. $24.95)

Family Plan*

$34.95 /mo.

(Reg. $39.95)

* Family Plans include full coverage for you, your spouse, and all children in the household under 25 including unmarried college students whose primary address is your home address. Family Plans also include MySocialGuardian for all family members, and 2x a year computer security checkups for up to 3 household computers. Elite Family Plan includes credit monitoring for 2 adults.

Try it Risk Free!

No minimum contract. If you are not satisfied with your service, you may cancel at any time without any further obligation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of identity theft is covered?

Every iDefend plan includes the core ID theft monitoring and protection features necessary to safeguard you and your family against virtually ALL forms of ID theft including:

  • True name ID theft (SSN, DOB)
  • Credit fraud
  • Social security benefits fraud
  • Tax return ID theft
  • Medical ID theft
  • Criminal records fraud
  • Utilities, payday loan fraud
  • More...
iDefend is an INVISUS program.

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Computer Protection/Tech Support

Unlimited security and tech support services for your PC/Mac computer and mobile devices. Save hundreds on repairs, tune-ups, security checkups and maintenance.

Ever wish you had access to a team of certified computer techs that you could call whenever you had a question or problem with your computer – without having to pay every time you wanted help? How about having experts help keep hackers off your computer, and do a fully security checkup as often as needed?

Look no further. Tranont has partnered with INVISUS to bring you the industry-best security and tech support services at big discounted rates with the iCare service plan. Don’t let your computer problems or security nightmares give you any more headaches or waste your time!

  • Eliminate tech frustrations!
  • Keep hackers and predators out!
  • Save time and money!
  • Keep everything running like new!

iCare Logo

How it works:

Getting instant expert help with your computer(s) is easy! Just call the INVISUS Tech Support hotline anytime you need help. Your service is conducted personally by a U.S. based INVISUS iCare certified technician by phone and remote Internet connection to your PC. You can sit back and watch or you can leave while we work on your computer. You’ll get a full report of what we found and the work we’ve done after each closed support ticket.

Mobile Devices:

For your smart phones and tablets, we’ll provide you with expert security guidance, suggestions and tools to lock down your smart phones and tablets to keep the bad guys off your devices. (iOS/Android)

Say goodbye to tech hassles, wasted time and big repair bills!

Say hello to a simple, secure digital life!

Choose the iCare unlimited service plan that’s right for you:

iCare Personal

For one personal computer and your personal mobile devices.

$19.95 /mo.

(Reg. $29.95)

iCare Home

For ALL your personal household computers and mobile devices.

$29.95 /mo.

(Reg. $39.95)

Customer Reviews

Matthew F. - Norfolk, NY

I was a nervous wreck when I thought my PC was wiped out.
My tech was SUPER friendly and helpful. No matter the obstacles, he dealt with each one EXTREMELY professionally and friendly. If I ever have anyone ask about what security company to go with, it WILL be INVISUS. You can count on that!

Patricia E. - Phelan, CA

I would not have any other protection.
I always have a fantastic experience with my INVISUS techs. I have recommended this to several people. In fact, I have the service for both of my computers that are 100 miles apart.

Sylvia J. - Dayton, OH

I thought I had lost everything.
My computer was infected with a hidden virus I didn’t know about – until it removed icons from my desktop and left a black, blank screen. That took a few years off my life. But you guys did a great job retrieving all my files. So glad to know you folks are there!

Niki F. - Livingston, AL

He put my nightmares to rest!
After being on the phone with a tech from another company, I am so appreciative of the techs at INVISUS who care enough to listen to the problem, quickly diagnose the situation, and take over to fix everything. My INVISUS tech was awesome! It really put my mind at ease when he called back to let me know he had secured everything and I was good to go!

Marcus T. - Ponte Vedra, FL

This is why we stay with iCare. Just for the record...
You did a fantastic job cleaning up the Trojan, etc. off my wife’s laptop when we called. As she is in the real estate business, her laptop is a key to transacting business. We love being able to call whenever we need help.

Doug R. - Yuba City, CA

Trusting the big name anti-virus brands led to disaster.
I am baffled by hearing others talk about their constant computer problems. They can’t imagine such good work from a service company. I was just like them until I tried your service. Now I don’t even think about viruses or lost files. I know I am safe.

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Social Media Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for slander, bullying, harassment, privacy risks and more.

The world really is watching. With sites like Facebook and Instagram, we can expose too much information or the wrong information if we aren’t careful. Social media sites have also become the playground for predators and thieves. Parents must now be vigilant with their kid’s online activities to protect against cyber-bullying and other threats, and to monitor for references of drugs/alcohol, violence, as well as predators looking for their next victim.

Tranont has partnered with INVISUS to bring you the MySocialGuardian program to help you monitor Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for dangerous or suspicious activity that can put you and your family at risk.

mySocialGuardian Logo

MySocialGuardian provides 24/7 monitoring and alerts of the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts for you and each family member you set up. You will be able to monitor and protect against:

  • Slander
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Profanity
  • Cyber-stalking
  • Threats of violence
  • Drug/alcohol references
  • Personal information exposure
  • More...

Choose either personal or family MySocialGuardian coverage:


Monitoring for one person.

$4.95 /mo.

(Reg. $6.95)


Monitoring for all family members.

$7.95 /mo.

(Reg. $9.95)

Try it Risk Free!

No minimum contract. If you are not satisfied with your service, you may cancel at any time without any further obligation.


Why you should get and stay protected

ID theft can wreck your financial plan.

You are working hard to achieve financial security. Hackers and identity thieves are also working hard, only to steal your personal information and get into your bank accounts and your personal credit. They will fill their pockets with your money and leave you with a world of problems. Don’t risk being left in financial ruins! Protecting yourself and your loved ones against identity theft and cybercrime is now an essential part of a successful financial plan.

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5 Corporate Logos: The Home Depot®, Target®, BlueCross®, ebay™, and citibank

Your personal information – exposed!

Stolen personal information is the new currency of thieves. Cyber-attacks at businesses, banks, healthcare organizations, law firms, schools and government agencies are happening daily. Millions of people every month have their personal information exposed through accidental or criminal data breaches. You may have already received one or more of these notification letters. Before your information is exposed in another data breach, be sure you’ve got a team of security and identity theft experts backing you up.

Target: Your computer and smart phone.

Do you access your bank account or pay bills online? Ever buy anything or make travel plans online? We use the Internet for just about everything today, and so do the bad guys. Computers and mobile devices are the playground of hackers and Internet predators. Anti-virus software is not enough protection against online predators who want to hijack your computers and devices and rip you off. Be sure to get regular security checkups from trusted experts so you can stay safe and secure.

Image of a Desktop Computer, Laptop Computer, Tablet, and Smartphone Together

Image of an Example of a Virus Alert on a Computer Screen

Everyone needs a tech expert.

The fast changing world of computers, smart phones and technology can leave your head spinning. Keeping everything running secure and problem-free seems to be a never ending challenge. Viruses, malware and everyday computer problems cause major frustrations and can cost you big money in repairs. In today’s digital age, it makes sense to have on-demand access to tech experts you can count on for advice, troubleshooting and fixes.

Predators and bullies lurking online.

It’s important to be careful what you post online and what you share about yourself and your family. For parents, you must be proactive in protecting your kids and monitoring their online activities. From cyberbullies to sex predators, bad people use the Internet to learn about, track and victimize others. For you personally, and for your loved ones, be sure to stay vigilant and monitor for signs of threats to your privacy and security.

Image of a Woman in a Fearful sitting Position Looking at a Laptop Screen

"I am confident that with Tranont Defend, we are safe." - Kent P.

"Not only was Tranont Defend able to fix my mother's computer, reduce her anti-virus bill, and help her learn more about her computer, they walked her through everything courteously and patiently." - Victor B.

Customer Reviews

Tony L. - Pittsburg, PA

"When we learned that our children’s identity could be stolen, we couldn’t put off getting the right protection for our ENTIRE family. iDefend has the most complete protection for us at the best price. We are grateful for iDefend!"

A. W. - TX

"My recovery advocate was incredible! She was knowledgeable and extremely prompt in returning calls and email, usually within a couple of hours. I’m very thankful to have my advocate because in trying to file a claim with my bank directly – I could not get anywhere. Thank you for all the hard work on my case."

Lisa K. - Atlanta, GA

"Finding out that someone has access to all of your personal information is overwhelming. Having to personally deal with all of the damage they have done and could possibly do is enough to send someone over the edge. I would like to personally thank you for taking care of my every concern and made my entire situation a lot easier to deal with."

Jim W. - Wilson Consulting

"Totally satisfied! You guys are wonderful. I just sent the summary report to 8 of my friends recommending you."

Patricia H. - Malvern, PA

"All the “Nasties” are gone – and I saved a bundle of money on computer repairs."

Rose S. - a BIG FAN

"You saved me from a big scam! I almost paid $149 for a security program to fix my computer, but it was a trick. I would have lost my money and had my identity stolen! Thank you so much"

Sylvia J. - Dayton, OH

"I thought I had lost everything. But you guys did a great job retrieving all my files I thought I lost. So happy!"