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Tranont's Corporate Office

Web-based Application and Tools to Build Your Business

The myTranont website provides associates with management tools to build their business in an easy to use system. The site is broken up into two main areas, the Back Office and the Administration Site.

Back Office

The myTranont Back Office is where associates can direct prospects to assist in gaining a better understanding of Tranont, the OneView application and the Tranont business.

You are able to navigate through Tranont promotional videos, website content and downloadable PDFs regarding products, compensation plans and more.

Administration Site

The myTranont administration site is where associates go to manage the content displayed on the myTranont Back Office site. The site provides the ability to manage the various content options available from Tranont and you can manage your list of contacts and any prospecting efforts that have taken place.

You can set up a variety of marketing campaigns and integrate with various social media applications. You can also set up task lists that generate notifications and reminders when a specific action needs to be taken. The goal is to provide a system that helps automate some of the initial prospecting efforts to help you be more efficient in your business building efforts.

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