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Tranont Tax Services help you to navigate through the difficulty of taxes with our partner, WH Partners LLP, chartered public accountants who understand tax laws and can help you to receive the greatest return each year. All Tranont associates who are eligible* may receive:

  • Tax consultation and advice
  • Basic personal tax returns – includes your basic return plus your Tranont business.

For an additional fee, associates may also receive:

  • Complex business and personal tax returns
  • Prior year tax returns (2015 and earlier)
  • Amended tax returns
  • CRA assistance at an hourly rate
  • Basic bookkeeping at an hourly rate

"I am confident and excited to have my tax returns prepared for me." - Bret M.

Tax law is complicated and doing your own tax returns can turn into a time-consuming hassle. We want each of our associates to understand how to navigate this yearly necessity with the best possible financial advantages.

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*To be eligible for this service, associates must be an active member of Tranont for 6 months of the tax year, be in good status and active at the time of the tax filing.